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Sunday, December 11, 2011

2012 Best Performing Stocks – Top Stock Gainers

Are you looking for Best Stocks for 2012? Below list of top Stocks Year to date largest Percentage gainers to 2012? Updated weekly, this list will keep you updated on the hottest  Stocks for 2012. I post the list Best  Stocks trading in NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX. Only Shows stocks Pick over $1.I will update weekly 2012 Stock's Weekly/Monthly Resistance & Support 2012. Also check out my Stocks to Buy 2012,  Stocks to Buy 2011 Top 2011 Stock Gainers,  2011 Penny Stock Gainers. Also more stock to watch for today  Right Here.
Ticker   Performance (Gain or -Loss)     Price
1.Arena Pharmaceuticals,Inc        (ARNA)    
53.67%      $2.00
2.Dendreon Corp                         (DNDN)       32.96%      $7.96
3.AK Steel Holding Corporation    (AKS)        23.96%      $8.61
4. United States Steel Corp.            (X)         30.86%     $27.48
5. Alpha Natural Resources, Inc.  (ANR)         23.48%     $23.48
6.Travelzoo Inc.                           (TZOO)       23.86%     $27.25
7.Inhibitex, Inc.                            (INHX)      227.36%   $14.74
8.JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd.    (JASO)            35.56%      $1.62
9.Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. (STP)       95.36%      $2.72.

                                                                 Updated  12/11/11

2011 Best  Stocks Pick Rule: Whenever I buy Penny stocks if that stocks go up short term quick 300-400% gain, I took profit and buy back in low price again. When ever I buy stock always have stop price. Always protect my original capital.
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